The Hootchy Kootchy Queen

The Hootchy Kootchy Queen hails from the wild west. Her childhood revolved around singing and dancing in the salons and dive bars of Carson City Nevada, here she honed her skills as a burlesque performer and producer.

After an incident involving a spurned lover and a failed Hollywood movie contract, she put on her high heels and headed to New Zealand, where she’s never looked back. Deciding that New Zealand could hold a place in the burlesque history books, she started the Hootchy Kootchy Girls Burlesque. She, along with the infamous Tony Bambini and Judy Garment, have been creating quite a stir among Auckland’s parties and events with their classy, teasing, tasteful and tantalizing show

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photo by: Shanee Edwards                            photo by: Dale Rio


photo by: Kate Mcfarlane